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Hillbrook Treehouse

Playground Treehouse for kids ages 2 to 12 in Los Gatos, California

Hillbrook Treehouse is custom built for the lucky students of Hillbrook School in Los Gatos, CA. 

Created for children ages 2 to 12 at Hillbrook School in Los Gatos, CA, this playground treehouse exemplifies our commitment to creating sustainable and inclusive play structures. Hillbrook Treehouse seamlessly blends adventure and protection, inviting children to explore the treetops while enveloped in a cocoon of rope netting.

Designed specifically for the preschool's outdoor play space, Hillbrook Treehouse embraces a massive, leafy tree as its centerpiece. The two-story fort offers abundant climbing opportunities, including a powder-coated metal coil climber, a rope net climb, and an angled rung ladder. Inclusive design is paramount, and ADA accessible transfer steps ensure that all children can access the upper level. Additionally, a crawl tube tunnel under the fort provides play opportunities close to the ground, accommodating children of varying abilities at the school playground.

The treehouse features a spacious 7' high main deck, measuring 12' x 12', connected to a commercial-grade tube slide, a 10' swinging bridge, and a two-story fort measuring 6' x 6'. The swinging bridge, constructed with high-quality exterior-grade 1/2" Nylon rope and our sustainable redwood lumber, provides an exhilarating transition from the main tower to the fort. Inside the rope railing, metal handrails offer stability as children traverse the bouncy, swinging bridge.

As an experienced treehouse builder with many playground ideas for schools, Barbara created a unique tree platform that is built to perfectly fit the irregular shape of the tree’s trunk while protecting the health of the tree. This allows youngsters to get up close and personal with a majestic tree in a way that they likely haven’t experienced before, unleashing their natural desire to explore and imagine. The most crucial ingredient of a creative play structures is to spark children’s innate ability to transport themselves into a world of make-believe as they pretend to be birds in a nest, pirates at the top of the mast, or Rapunzel in her tower.

Like all of our playground structures for schools, Hillbrook Treehouse is made with sustainable redwood lumber and finished with our signature tung-oil stain to naturally color and protect our custom treehouse for kids. For this project, the school opted for a brown hue that harmonizes with the surrounding trees, integrating the structure beautifully into its natural environment.

At Barbara Butler Playhouses, LLC, we take pride in our ability to create custom play structures that inspire imagination and foster inclusive play. Hillbrook Treehouse at Hillbrook School is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, craftsmanship, and creating unforgettable play experiences for children.

This structure meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.


This price is for fabrication only. Additional fees apply for design changes and modifications, delivery, and installation.

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