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At Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc, we've been creating extraordinary treehouses and play structures for kids since 1999, so we have extensive experience in both backyard structures and in public-use projects. 

In 2022, Barbara Butler Playhouses LLC was created as a subsidiary company to specialize in public works projects.

Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc continues to specialize in residential projects.


Our CEO and lead designer, Barbara Butler, has a background in both art and construction, which merged in 1987 with the creation of her very first whimsical, custom play structure for Grammy winning singer/songwriter Bobby McFerrin (of Don't Worry, Be Happy fame). Over time, the business became a family affair with the addition of Barbara’s husband, Jeff Beal, as Vice-President in charge of production, her sister, Suzanne Butler, as CFO and COO, and her brother, James Butler, as Vice-President in charge of AutoCAD. Barbara's favorite thing about working on public-use projects is the ability to create custom structures that bring joy and connection to children and families across many communities. She is also fascinated by the challenge of collaborating on inclusive playground design to create truly innovative, welcoming play spaces.

To learn more about Barbara Butler and the crew, visit our parent site


Sustainable Materials that Last

Redwood Lumber and Stained Boards
Kids Stage under Construction
  • Thermory Decking (Benchmark Ash): a naturally enhance wood using only heat and steam to modify each board completely, all the way through to the core, leading to unequalled durability and stability without sacrificing the natural qualities of real wood. This process makes Thermory highly rot & termite resistant while providing extra hardness & strength in relation to even redwood.

  • Accoya Framing & Siding: ultra-high performance, long lasting, low maintenance, sustainable wood.

  • Redwood Select Heart for special feature pieces – decorative arches, theater stage opening. Whenever used, it is designed to be used carefully to greatly reduce the chance of rot.

  • Pressure-treated girder & joists for the 1st floor systems where it may be at or below grade. None of this is exposed, as it is covered with Accoya trim and Thermory Decking.

  • Roofing material options range from fire-resistant cedar shingles, metal roofing, EPDM rubber roofing and faux-slate plastic panels.

  • Our BBAB non-toxic tung oil wood stains allow for the color to be re-stained without stripping off any top coat, nor does the entire surface need to be re-stained. This makes the surfaces very easy to maintain.

To learn more about our materials and committment to sustainability, visit our parent site: Barbara Butler Artist-Builder

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