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Fort Jefferson

Wood Play Fort for kids aged 2 to 5 in Los Angeles, California

The original Fort Jefferson is located at the Jefferson Square housing community in Los Angeles and variations on this model can be found at developments throughout California.

Developed by Thomas Safran and Associates, Jefferson Square provides affordable, high-quality housing for families, which is enhanced by our Fort Jefferson custom play structure. To maximize the available space, Barbara designed a compact and multi-faceted wooden play structure for the 2 to 5 age range that brings families together for bonding and fun. Barbara has since created variations on the Fort Jefferson design for many of Thomas Safran and Associates’ communities.

Despite its small footprint, the Jefferson features a wide range of things to do for active youngsters, including a rock climbing wall, slide, tunnel, rope net climb, fire fighter pole, and ship’s wheel. The variety of climbing options encourage kids to develop strength, coordination, and determination, all while happily playing. The the rock climbing wall, outfitted with professional grade hand holds, presents the biggest challenge to youngsters, motivating them to dig deep to achieve. At the same time, the rock holds are close enough together to avoid frustration.

Like all of Barbara’s commercial outdoor play structures, Fort Jefferson is made out of materials that are both sustainable and durable, including sustainable redwood lumber and all-natural tung oil stains. At Barbara Butler Playhouses, LLC, we’ve been committed to sustainable playgrounds since our inception and we believe in protecting the environment while providing memorable playground experiences for children.

Unlike a generic plastic structure, a unique wooden play structure by Barbara is both beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch for a pleasing sensory experience. While Fort Jefferson maintains the same basic design and color palette throughout, each of our Fort Jefferson structures is customized to fit the space of each individual housing development.

Whether you need an outdoor playhouse for big kids or a series of playground structures for preschoolers, we can create an exceptional play space to complement your housing development. Both affordable and high-end apartment complexes must provide young families with the outdoor entertainment opportunities that they need for a high quality of life. A custom play structure designed for your exact needs is the most efficient way to add this feature to your project.

This structure meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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