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Lafayette Play Structure

Custom play structure for kids ages 2 to 5 in Lafayette, California

Lafayette Play Structure transformed the play space at Contra Costa Jewish Day School.

This wooden play structure came to be when the head of Contra Costa Jewish Day School approached Barbara with a unique challenge: to transform the area along the edge of the sports court into a functional and exciting play space without altering the existing 8-foot high concrete planters and retaining walls. Barbara, renowned for her expertise in creating creative play structures, eagerly accepted the task and set out to design something truly extraordinary.

The result was a fully-contained custom play structure that starts at one end of the sports court, featuring ADA-compliant transfer steps located behind a Ball Wall measuring 12 feet by 8 feet. From there, children embark on an exciting journey as they wind their way through a series of tunnels and clubhouses resting atop the planters, and finally culminate their adventure with a thrilling ride down a long tube slide at the other end of the court. All this, while cleverly utilizing very little of the precious sports court space.

Elevated 8 feet above the ground, the play structure is ingeniously anchored to the top of an existing concrete planter and the retaining wall behind it. With this creative design, Barbara preserved the playability of the sports court while optimizing the play space. Additionally, enclosing the entire structure with rope netting allowed them to use the expensive pour-in-place resilient surfacing material only at the start of the stairs and at the slide's exit, ensuring safety without compromising on the overall experience.

As children make their way up, they find themselves contained by the Ball Wall on their left and the rope netting on their right, merging feelings of security and excitement. A Ship's Ladder, also enclosed in netting, provides the final ascent into the first of three Clubhouses. These Clubhouses, complete with crawl tunnels and bridge walkways, offer young minds the perfect space for imaginative play and social interactions.

The Bridge Walkway, with its floor-to-ceiling rope netting, not only provides an exhilarating view for the little ones but also ensures their safety, allowing them to explore the heights without any concern of climbing over railings. This fully-contained play structure acts like a cocoon, enveloping children in a world of adventure and wonder.

The Lafayette Play Structure is a great example of how a custom play structure by Barbara Butler Playhouses, LLC can add immense value to a school's playground while utilizing space thoughtfully. It has become a cherished centerpiece of Contra Costa Jewish Day School, nurturing the spirit of exploration, creativity, and camaraderie among its students.

This structure meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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