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Magical Bridge Sunnyvale

Two-Story Playhouse and Theater for all ages located in Sunnyvale, California

Located in Fair Oaks Park, Magical Bridge Sunnyvale had its Grand Opening inn 2022.

This exceptionally welcoming playground is modeled off of the original Magical Bridge in Palo Alto. In that vein, it invites players of all ages and abilities to enjoy this inclusive playground design, which includes a tot zone, spin zone, swing and sway zone, slide and climb one, music zone, kindness corner, or imagination zone (where you’ll find our two-story wooden play structure and stage). The ultimate aim of each of these parks is to bring play opportunities to all, particularly the 25% of the population that has physical or cognitive disabilities.

As in each of the other Magical Bridge all inclusive playgrounds, the focal point is our towering, colorful wooden play house that invites children to explore. Decked out in crenellation trim with an arched doorway at the bottom, Magical Bridge Sunnyvale looks more like a castle than the other models. A faux portcullis, which is a medieval gate made of latticed strips that traditionally dropped down in front of a castle door for protection, adds to the effect of a castle play structure.

The arched doorway doubles as a theater opening for the first-floor stage and is a popular spot for family-friendly musicians. A fully-accessible backstage means that no one is excluded from the performance. The inner portions of the stage also feature a cake table, complete with hand-painted confections, and a “Kindness Tune-Up Shop” where you can repair your magic wand and walk out with a new attitude!

The second story is where you’ll find two adorable coffee tables with corner bench seats and even a delightful hand-carved notebook and cell phone attached to the table. From there, a series of ramps leads to a fully-accessible sway bridge.

Magical Bridge Sunnyvale meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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