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Roughhouse Treehouse

Treehouse for kids ages 5 to 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Roughhouse Treehouse resides in the middle of the Turnberry Town Square Shopping Center in Las Vegas!

As a treehouse builder with experience making commercial outdoor play structures, Barbara was tapped to design this treehouse from scratch, including selecting and moving a Southern Live Oak from Texas to Las Vegas. We worked with the experts at Environment Design to bring the massive tree to its new home at Turnberry Town Square Shopping Center and then Barbara created a sustainable treehouse design that conformed to the natural shape of the tree. The finished product boasts a tree bursting forth from the center of a big deck that sits between the clubhouse tower, the climbing tower, and a swinging bridge.

The clubhouse tower stacks an outdoor playhouse for big kids atop a 6-foot platform and features special cut-outs to allow the tree’s branches to penetrate the walls and roof for a unique, arboreal feel. Three crazy slides - fun and bumpy, smooth and fast, or wavy gravy - offer a fun way down from the other tower. The swinging bridge is a bouncy way for kids to get from one to the other. Put together, the entire playground forms a mini town with a variety of play options for the whole family.

This custom play structure looks both rustic and wacky, with unexpected angles and the charming surprise of tree branches where you least expect them. As we all know, the best kids playhouse is one that leaves something to the imagination; as children sprinkle a little make-believe on Roughhouse Treehouse, it transforms into an outlaw headquarters, an old-fashioned trading post, a tree palace for a family of monkeys, or anything else they come up with!

While there are no designated playground structures for preschoolers at Roughhouse Treehouse, there are several inclusive features that are friendly for younger guests or those with mobility impairments. Wide, colorful stairs offer a gentle way up and lead to a variety of play options, including the swinging bridge and triple crazy slides. In addition, ADA accessible steps with a sturdy side railing, transfer platform, and corner landing platform allows a child with special needs the ability to experience this part of Roughhouse Treehouse, including getting up close and personal with the tree branches coming through the big deck.

This structure meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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