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TOPS Treehouse

Playground Treehouse for kids aged 2 to 5 in Orinda California

TOPS Treehouse was custom designed and built for students at The Orinda Preschool .

Since 1938, The Orinda Preschool’s play-based curriculum has offered young children copious amounts of self-directed exploration, and free time in the school playground is a central part of the daily routine. In 2015, the preschool researched new playground ideas for schools and decided on a custom treehouse component to add to their outdoor space.

School leaders turned to treehouse builder Barbara Butler to build a custom outdoor learning environment that would allow preschoolers to explore the the tree tops in safe and age-appropriate ways. Known for her creative play structures, Barbara came up with an inclusive playground design that features a tree platform surrounding a giant oak tree with careful cutouts designed to exactly match the tree’s unique shape.

With the choice of using a ladder, steps, or a rope net climb to enter the treehouse, youngsters are beckoned upwards and encouraged to develop their climbing skills in a safe and fun environment. An age-appropriate slide provides a fun way down from the play structure.

For safety, the tree platform is surrounded by 6' high hand-lashed rope netting with additional "non-climbable" netting extending further at key spots for maximum peace of mind. The overall result is a sensory friendly playground component that can be used for imaginative play, class story time, or for taking a moment to appreciate the wonder of nature.

The rung ladder and the ADA transfer platform system provide easy ways up to the 4' high deck. The hand-woven rope net ladder is the more challenging way up to the 5' high deck, which also has a scoop slide for a quick, fun way down. 

TOPS Treehouse meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.


This price is for fabrication only. Additional fees apply for design changes and modifications, delivery, and installation.

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