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Beach Terrace

Play fort for kids ages 2 to 12 in Inglewood, California

Beach Terrace is a compact bundle of activities located in an affordable housing development.

Thomas Safran & Associates completed this 42-unit community in Inglewood, California in 2023 and it includes one of our Fort Jefferson structures for the kids. Despite its compact size, the Jefferson wooden play structure offers an extensive array of activities to keep energetic children engaged and entertained. From a rock climbing wall and slide to a tunnel, rope net climb, fire fighter pole, and ship's wheel, there's no shortage of options for active youngsters to explore. 

The diverse climbing opportunities not only provide fun but also encourage the development of strength, coordination, and determination in a joyful play environment. The rock climbing wall, equipped with professional-grade hand holds, presents a thrilling challenge that motivates children to push their limits while maintaining a suitable distance between holds to prevent frustration. The rope net climb offers a different type of challenge because kids must adapt to the wobbly rope, which helps them develop their coordination and balance.

Barbara Butler Playhouses, LLC specializes in creating commercial outdoor play structures using sustainable and durable materials, including eco-friendly redwood lumber and all-natural tung oil stains. Sustainability has been at the core of our mission since the beginning, as we prioritize protecting the environment while ensuring children have unforgettable experiences at sustainable playgrounds, such as this one at Beach Terrace.

Whether it's an outdoor playhouse for older kids or a series of playground structures for preschoolers, our team can create an exceptional play space that complements any housing development. Recognizing the importance of providing young families with ample outdoor entertainment, we cater to both affordable and luxury apartment complexes, delivering solutions that enhance the quality of life for those who live there. Opting for a custom play structure tailored to your housing development is a great way for your project to add value and fun for your prospective residents.

This structure meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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