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Magical Bridge Redwood City

Two-Story Playhouse, Theater and Treepod for all ages located in Redwood City Ca

Located in Red Morton Park, Magical Bridge Redwood City opened quietly in December of 2020 due to Covid restrictions.  

Magical Bridge Redwood City is the 2nd of four California playgrounds created by the Magical Bridge Foundation (with 2 more playgrounds underway). Like all the Magical Bridge playgrounds across California and the world, this inclusive playground design is intended to bring joy to players of all ages and abilities with its exceptionally safe and accessible features. With one quarter of the population living with some type of physical or cognitive disability, each Magical Bridge fills a crucial role in the local community.  At the playground, visitors can explore various play zones:  tot zone, spin zone, swing and sway zone, slide and climb one, music zone, kindness corner, or our imagination zone complete with two-story wooden play structure and theater.

Barbara Butler Playhouses LLC's contribution to the playground is our signature two-story Magical Bridge Playhouse with Theater Stage,  the wheelchair assessible Ava's Bridge & Bridge to the upper Playhouse, (4) Retreat Huts, (8) Park Benches, a Marque Cabinet for posting flyers, and the beautiful Tree Pod with angled wheelchair assessible ramp. 

On the entry level of our Playhouse you’ll find a Community Stage where local entertainers perform all week long. The theater is fully accessible via ramp from backstage so that everyone can be a part of the show. It comes with faux wooden curtains to add to the theater’s playful aesthetic and Brooke's Ticket Booth for kids to pretend sell tickets. An eye-catching wooden Marquee, carefully carved and stained by hand, stands nearby to display the upcoming schedule of events.

Behind the stage is a large, open 1st floor space with (2) unique play accessories: an inviting Dessert Table decked out with painted wooden cakes and a Diner Grill table with wooden pancakes, eggs & bacon and more. Both are ready for kids to engage in imaginative play as they pretend to run a bakery or a restaurant. These types of games encourage the kind of inclusive, creative play that strengthens social skills and bridges differences between individuals, which is what this playground is all about.

The upper level is where you'll find the Café, complete with (2) round tables with bench seats - one with an wooden tea cup & notebook and the other with a wooden cup of coffee and iPhone, all hand-stained to look almost real. It’s great place for kids to meet up, day dream, hold a business meeting, or strategize for their next game. The front facade includes decorative window grates for safety that also add a fun castle flair. The second floor is accessed by a series of wheelchair assessible ramps with turn-arounds. Or take a quick detour to the Tree Pod, a fully-enclosed with non-climbable netting deck wrapped around a beautiful, tall redwood tree. For a child, there’s nothing like the dreamy contentment of being up in the branches of a tree, feeling like you can take on the world.

Magical Bridge Redwood City also includes eight of our custom redwood  Park Benches, which offer a place to rest and promote kindness and aid in making new friends. In addition, our four Retreat Huts offer a tranquil space to individuals with autism or other sensory challenges who need a break from the sounds and sights of the larger play area.

Like all Barbara Butler Playhouses LLC projects, this wooden play structure is made of second-growth redwood lumber, Accoya and Thermory lumber and finished with eco-friendly, non-toxic tung oil stains as part of our commitment to sustainable playgrounds.

The various Magical Bridges are truly all inclusive playgrounds and every element of the inclusive playground design and construction is tailed to this ideal. With wide, super smooth ramps that are 7' wide, gentle on feet or wheelchairs and a gradual slope of 1’ over 12’ in length, friends of all abilities can enjoy themselves together.

Magical Bridge Palo Alto meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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