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Tree Pod

Wood Treehouse for kids ages 2 to 12 in Redwood City, California

The Tree Pod is part of the Redwood City location of Magical Bridge.

A special part of Magical Bridge’s Redwood City Playground is our custom Tree Pod designed for people of all abilities. The Tree Pod is a fully accessible platform that brings players up into the tree tops. For safety, the square platform is fully enclosed with non-climbable netting that still preserves the view. For those in wheelchairs, the chance to experience the heights of a tree is a rare and precious thing. The square Tree Pod measures 8.5 feet on each side and includes enough space for anybody using a wheelchair to turn around. Because of our commitment to inclusive playground design and execution, we donated $20,000 in labor and materials to this project.

The Tree Pod is connected directly to the tree with Tree Attachment Bolts (TABs), the most efficient and trusted way to support a tree house while also preserving the health of the tree. It was a challenge at first to convince the City Building Officials to allow us to use TABs instead of footings. Barbara gathered reports, load tests and data from the manufacturer and several consulting arborists to make our case before the Building Department. Barbara was able to show the Building Officials that TABs were strong enough and it was the best choice for the health of the tree, so the permit was granted.

With Barbara’s years of experience building as a residential treehouses for kids, she was intimately familiar with both how and why Garnier Limbs work, and was able to put that expertise to work in service of the larger project. This is the kind of dedicated, collaborative, and innovative work that Barbara Butler Playhouses, LLC brings to any public use development. So whether you need a custom play structure, a playhouse fort, or a tree pod, we can create an incredible experience for children and families.

This structure meets ASTM F1487 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment and the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act.

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