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Housing Play Structures

Play Structures for Housing

To truly serve families, housing developments must not only offer quality housing but also prioritize outdoor play and recreation. With a focus on sustainable playgrounds and all-inclusive play areas, we have years of experience in helping developers do just that. 


In addition, we specialize in maximizing play options if you are dealing with limited space or uneven terrain.  Our expertise in building and designing tree houses, play structures, play forts, and more allow us to make the most of every square foot. Whether it's incorporating climbing elements, slides, interactive panels, or imaginative play areas, we can create a compact package that offers a wealth of play opportunities.


Furthermore, the charming aesthetic of our play structures for kids add value to the overall housing developments’ atmosphere. Want to match the architectural elements and color scheme of the adult spaces? Our gorgeous wooden structures can be made in any palette using our proprietary non-toxic tung oil stains. And Barbara can design custom playhouses, play forts, and tree houses to echo the shapes and themes of the larger structures.

Custom Play Fort with Coil Climber
Artist Sketch of Musical Themed Play Fort
Custom Kids Play Fort with Slide and Crawl Tube

At Barbara Butler Playhouses LLC, we are dedicated to designing sustainable playgrounds that not only provide enjoyment for children but also prioritize environmental responsibility. Our play structures are built using eco-friendly materials and construction practices, ensuring a positive impact on both the community and the planet. Our sustainable lumber comes from well-managed redwood forests, and we incorporate other eco-friendly materials, such as Accoya & Thermory into our play structures. These practices lead to playgrounds for kids that are gentle on the planet and gentle on small hands, yet built to withstand the elements with minimal maintenance.

We know how important it is to provide healthy and engaging options for all children. Let us help you transform your limited square footage into a vibrant and engaging play area that will be cherished by families in your housing development.

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