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Play Structures for Schools

About Our School Play Structures

Girl on Tube Slide

When it comes time to enhance a school playground with a wooden playhouse, a sustainable play fort, or a safety-conscious tree house, Barbara Butler Playhouse LLC's experience and passion for the project is unmatched. Barbara begins by meeting with all of the school’s stakeholders, including the children themselves, to gather ideas and understand their unique needs. This collaborative process allows us to design custom play structures that perfectly fit the available space and bring kids' imaginations to life. From a charming wooden playhouse to an adventurous play fort, we create structures that become the centerpiece of the school playground, attracting children with their irresistible appeal.

Our structures don’t just challenge and thrill children, but also provide an unmatched level of safety. Our school-based tree houses are designed with a safety-conscious approach and unclimbable rope netting to keep little ones safe while not obstructing the view. All of our structures, whether two story playhouses, castle play structures, or charming play forts, take into consideration key factors such as sturdy construction, appropriate fall zones, and reliable support systems to ensure that children can explore and play in a secure environment. Additionally, we understand the importance of age-appropriate structures, and our designs are tailed to the desired age groups, from preschoolers seeking imaginative play to upper elementary students looking for a challenging climbing experience.

In addition, our commitment to creating sustainable playgrounds shines through in every project. By incorporating sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques, we ensure that our play structures not only captivate young imaginations but also contribute to a greener future. You can enhance any lesson on caring for planet Earth by highlighting your school’s commitment  to the environment in the playground.


With Barbara Butler Playhouses LLC, you can trust that your school playground will be transformed into a vibrant and engaging space, where children can learn, play, and create memories. Our sustainable play structures, including wooden playhouses, play forts, and tree houses, will inspire children's imaginations and provide them with endless opportunities for fun and growth. 

Boy in Rope Net Tunnel
Reading to Kids in Rope Net Enclosed Treehouse
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