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Public Park Play Structures

Building Play Structures for Everyone

Two-Story Public Playhouse under Construction

At Barbara Butler Playhouses LLC, we are passionate about creating extraordinary playgrounds in public parks that captivate the imagination and foster a sense of unity among children. Our talented designer, Barbara, collaborates closely with Landscape Architects and General Contractors to bring to life sustainable and inclusive play structures that form an integral part of larger public playgrounds. In every project, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our play structures seamlessly blend into the larger aesthetic aims of the park.

Safety and durability are paramount in our construction process. We adhere to the strictest guidelines and regulations for public-use playgrounds, meticulously engineering our play structures to meet these standards. From robust materials to expert craftsmanship, our play structures for kids are not only visually stunning, but are also built to withstand the test of time and provide a safe environment for children to explore, create, and play. 

Kids on Public Wood Swing Set
Kids playhouse in park

We firmly believe in the power of all-inclusive playgrounds, where children of all abilities can play and interact together, breaking down barriers and promoting a culture of inclusivity. To achieve this, we meticulously design our play structures, including play forts, play houses, and tree houses, to be incredibly welcoming to all those who want to play, whether they are on foot, in a wheelchair, or using another assisted mobility device.

With a strong focus on eco-consciousness, our public-use playgrounds not only provide endless fun but also serve as educational tools to instill environmental responsibility in young minds when they visit their local public park.


Over the years, our team has contributed to numerous public playground projects in the United States, and our high-quality wooden structures have gone on to become beloved features in their respective communities. Our unique and creative play forts, play houses, and tree houses for kids have transformed ordinary playgrounds into magical wonderlands that children eagerly explore. We take pride in knowing that our designs have made a positive impact on the lives of countless children and families.

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